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Get historical financial statement balances and KPI ratio trend analyses in interactive tabular and graphical format for all US public companies now with the click of a button.

We are the lowest cost provider of peer company data and KPI trend analyses for US public companies. We beat all of our competitors when it comes to providing top quality analytics at the lowest cost! See our features below:

Drill-down by Industry
Select any industry and see all public companies within that industry for easy drill-down.

You can select any business within that industry or a combination of such companies within that indusrty and drill-down further to view the historical data & KPI trend analyses.

Industry peer analysis
Industry peer kpi analysis
Standardized KPI Ratio Trends
We developed algorithms that utilize most frequently occurring account tags within an industry (we use XBRL data sets from SEC) and created standard KPIs for each industry as well as each company within an industry. Our industry KPIs are average of such KPIs for all companies within that industry as well as average for all periods.

peer KPI charts

peer analysis chart Average industry metrics

Visualize the data in beautiful charts
You will see the financial data or KPI analyses in visually appealing charts. Whether it is an industry metric such as average revenue share or an individual company's account balance trends or KPI ratop trends, you can vosualize all analyses in these chart formats if you like!

Interactive tables
Or, if traditional tables is your cup of tea, then no worries, you can see all data and KPI analyses in tabular form as well!

You get to choose how you want to see the historical data and KPI analyses for all US public companies.
peer data table
peer kpi table

peer metric export peer chart export

peer kpis table export
Export to Excel & PDF
You can not only print all the analyses but also export the analyses into PDF formats.
In addition, you can also export the analyses, both data as well as KPI ratios, to MS Excel with click of a button!
Yes, you can export to excel the data in charts too!

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Public companies in the USA file their quarterly and annual financial statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Forms 10-0 and 10-K, respectively. They also file the same financial statements with the SEC using the XBRL format.

- Senior Financial Management      - Controllers

- Financial Analysts                         - Academia

- Financial Auditors                         - Investment Equity analysts

and others have to go through such individual filings on an individual issuer company by company basis and gather all the required information themselves.

This takes a lot of time and effort. Time and effort you can spend on analyzing the data and KPls instead.

That is where we step in. We -
- collect all the financial statement account balance data from SEC XBRL filings,
- run our algorithms on it and prepare our data analyses and KPI trends,
- present it to you by industry and by individual entity,
- give you the ability to analyze and drill down such data easily on one portal in seconds!

Using a proprietary algorithm we developed we calculate the KPI ratios by quarter and offer such KPI analyses as well. Just sign in to our portal and you can have these in seconds on your finger tips!
XBRL data flow

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